Creating a Custom Domain for WebApp in Azure(Azure App Service)

  1. Go to Azure portal
  2. Click on create a resource and enter Webapp in the search bar.
  3. Click on create and create a web application with any runtime stack and location , but make sure to choose an SKU for the App Service plan which supports custom domains!
  1. Go to the Web Application you have created.
  2. Go to the custom domains section in it.
  3. Click on Add a custom domain
  4. Enter the name of the custom domain in the box and click on validate.
Enter Custom domain
Domain ownership records

1st way

Freenom DNS records
  1. Go to Azure and create a DNS Zone with the name as your domain i.e if you are creating a custom domain “” then the DNS Zone name must be the same i.e “”
  2. After you created the DNS Zone with your custom domain name , you will see that there are 2 records automatically created i.e one SOA and one NS.
  3. SOA is basically the Start of Authority record which contains information about zone and zone transfers and NS record is for saving the Nameservers.
  4. Now add the “TXT” and “A” record you have added before in your domain provider portal here.
  5. After you added the two records in the DNS Zone , copy the 4 Nameservers and paste those nameservers in your domain settings in your domain provider portal.
  6. After you updated the domain provider portal with the Azure Nameservers , you can then go to the custom domain page and click on validate again.
  7. Now you can see that the validation is passed and the custom domain gets added and you will be able to use the custom domain.




Just a geek playing around with cloud and security.

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Just a geek playing around with cloud and security.

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